The Judiciary Museum of Kenya

The Judiciary Museum of Kenya

The Judiciary Museum of Kenya, located in the Eastern wing of the Supreme Court Building basement, opened its doors to the public in June 2016.

The facility, one of its kind in East Africa and beyond, showcases the rich history of the Judiciary. It features key documents and objects of great judicial heritage value.

The Judiciary Museum of Kenya idea, was inspired by the need to open up the Judiciary to the public, in line with Pillar 1 of the Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF) on People-Centeredness and Public Engagement. It aims to enhance public understanding and appreciation of the evolution of legal and judicial institutions in Kenya.


The Museum presents the legal heritage through thematic judicial exhibits, aimed at enhancing public understanding and participation. The establishment of the facility seeks to positively impact on information availability and educate the Kenyan public on Judiciary’s history.


The exhibition targets the following categories of visitors:

  • Students,
  • Children,
  • General public,
  • Tourists,
  • Seekers and lovers of Justice, among others

Since opening its doors to the public, the Judiciary Museum has hosted more than 5,000 visitors, among them prominent personalities from within Kenya and across the world. They include the President of the Republic of Kenya H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, Hon Raila Odinga, Chief Justices from the Eastern Africa region, Women Judges from across the world and various stakeholders in the justice system among others.

Further, the facility, has hosted scholars from various parts of the world including Germany, UK, USA, South Africa, Cote d’ Ivoire, and South Africa.


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