STAJ overview


The vision is intended to achieve the following outcomes

  1. A strong institution that is independent, accessible, efficient, and protects the rights of all especially the vulnerable.
  2. An inspired team of Judges, Judicial officers, and Judiciary Staff committed to excellence in the delivery of justice.
  3. Strengthened financial mechanisms that support the independence and Integrity of the Judiciary.
  4. Deepened partnerships that enhance co-ordination in the administration of justice.
  5. Enhanced public trust and confidence in the judicial system


The Chief Justice’s vision for the Judiciary is anchored on the mantra of “Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ)”. This vision is borne out of the reality that justice is cross-cutting; broad and multi-faceted. It is a natural desire, a legitimate expectation of every citizen to be treated justly. The vision considers all people as key stakeholders in the delivery of justice