2nd FIDA-Kenya Charity Golf Tournament

2nd FIDA-Kenya Charity Golf Tournament

The Hon. Chief Justice participated in the 2nd FIDA-Kenya Charity Golf Tournament not just to celebrate the sport, but to reinforce her commitment to a cause that is close to our hearts – the empowerment and upliftment of women across our nation and beyond.

Having served as the former Chairperson of FIDA and now as the Chief Justice of Kenya, my journey has been deeply shaped by fidakenya values and goals. FIDA-Kenya has been a leading force in advocating for social justice, women’s rights, gender equality, and providing crucial legal aid to women and girls in need. Today’s tournament aims to raise support for acquiring the FIDA-Kenya House, representing our collective commitment to leaving a lasting, positive impact. Once established, the FIDA-Kenya House will serve as a symbol of hope, a centre for empowerment, and a focal point for advocating and assisting vulnerable women.

Abdisalaam Tuka

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